Bactigel and Puregel on People’s Journal Tonight

Clean, stylish holidays with Bactigel and Puregel sanitizers
December 11, 2011 – People Journal Tonight

Manufactured by Kohl Industries Inc., Bactigel and Puregel hand sanitizers contain 68% alcohol that makes it effective in eliminating 99.9% of disease-causing bacteria. Their unique formula does not leave any sticky residue no matter how many times you apply it.

Bactigel is scent-free and is used by leading hospitals nationwide while Puregel comes in four scent variants – Lemon Meringue, Frost Berry, Spring Breeze and Crisp Apple Bite.


Each Puregel and Bactigel sanitizer comes with a patented rubber holder and strap which you can hang on bag handles, making it perfect sanitizer for those who are always on the go. These rubber holders come in a variety of colors and prints which you can collect and mix and match with your bag or outfits.

For this Christmas, get a load of the Puregel and Bactigel promo packages. The saver’s favorite choice is the boxed set of three Bactigel or Puregel, which come with one rubber holder, perfect for friends who always use sanitizers.

You can also buy any of the five variants of two-in-one Puregel or Bactigel and get a chance to join Kohl’s 1 Days of Christmas promo for prizes such as an iPad and other gadgets.

Add more sparkle to your yuletide gift giving and go without he Christmas Promo Box Holiday Sparkle Line. Puregel variants come in a limited edition beaded rubber holder that’s perfect for your kikay friends. The Christmas Promo Box Holiday Sparkle is available at Robinsons, Shopwise and Rustant’s outlets.

Make your Christmas gifts more useful this year with Puregel and Bactigel hand sanitizers, and keep the holidays a fun, clean, and germ-free season.

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