Mighty Mom

mighty mom dishwashing liquidMighty Mom provides the perfect combination of a dishwashing liquid that is both easy on the pocket and still has the optimum capacity to de-odorize, cut grease and keep your dishes clean and fragrant after every wash.

With 3 variants to choose from, enjoy the endearing scent of Kalamansi, the beloved smell of Lemon, and the newest to the group, Vitamin E infused Soft Skin variant.

Mighty Mom is available in:
  • 1 Gallon Lemon
  • 1 Gallon Kalamansi
  • 250mL Lemon
  • 250mL Kalamansi
  • 250mL Soft Skin with Vitamin E

Purchase your own at the following outlets:

  • Robsinsons Supermarket
  • Shopwise
  • Wellcome
  • Pioneer Center
  • Fisher Supermarket
  • San Roque Supermarket

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