Top 5 Dirt Magnets in the World that You Might be Holding Everyday

Everyday you see these five of the dirtiest objects that you come in contact.  You may not know it, but some of these things, if not all, are what you hold everyday. These objects can foster disease-causing microorganism, which can be dangerous to your health.

Unclean objects can carry a minimum of 10 types of germs and harmful bacteria to as many as hundreds of thousands – and in colonies.

So, here are the TOP FIVE DIRT MAGNETS you might be holding everyday.

1. Money – those funny smelling coins and bills are dirt magnets.  Can you imagine how many hands have come in contact with the money you have right now in your wallet?  Do you remember last person who held that bill?  Do you have any idea on what he did with his or her hands before holding that bill?

Paper bills (notes) and coins carry different types of germs – from flu viruses to diphtheria. Some paper bills carry  germs for at least SEVEN days up to a month.

2. Door Handles – you can’t go in and out of any room without picking up and leaving germs and grimes on door handles.  In fact, this has been known as one of the most active conduit for the spread of colds and flu.

When a person with flu sneezes and covers the mouth with his or her hands, the first thing he or she will come in contact with before washing his or her hands would be the bathroom door handles. 

3. Cellphones or Mobile Phones – this device is said to be dirtier than most toilets because of the frequency of intimate hand and mouth contact.

Studies show that cellphones and mobile phones even have fecal matters (YES! organisms coming from your feces or stool) existing on your phones.

4. Computer Keyboards / Mouse – our fingers leave sweat, oils, dirt and grimes on every key that we punch, making it a potential source of communicable diseases.  The dirtiest can be found in public computers like in schools, libraries and internet shops.

5. Soaps – believe it or not, bar soaps may contain a lot of germs especially if you are not the only one using it.  Yes, it may clean your hands and remove dirt and grimes but bacteria and other microorganisms may also stick to it.

BEST SOLUTION: Hand Sanitation

It’s really impossible to avoid contact with these objects. That is why the best solution is to clean your hands before and after contact with these objects.

A quick access to alcohol, like Doctor J, is the fastest way to kill those germs and bad bacteria. Alcohols are good disinfectants – effective enough to kill disease-causing microorganisms residing in your hands.


Another option would be applying alcohol-based hand sanitizers like Bactigel and Puregel. Hand sanitizers with AT LEAST 60 percent alcohol content are best for protecting your hands from unwanted germs and bacteria.


Being conscious about cleaning your hands can drastically cut down your risk of getting diseases.

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