What You Need to Know About Hand Sanitizers

With all the information about hand sanitizers – left and right – it is best to learn first some of the facts before using hand sanitizers. This way, you can manage your expectations better with this wonder product.

The use of hand sanitizers should be treated as an adjunct or supplemental activity to hand washing.  It is best -treated as a personal hygiene activity of sanitizing the hands when soap and water are not available.  And this is where the usefulness of hand sanitizing agents is highlighted. 

Hand sanitizers are readily available anywhere and anytime that you’ll need it, to keep your hands germ-free.

Applying the right hand sanitizers, specifically alcohol-based hand sanitizers, will greatly reduce the number of bad bacteria and viruses on your hands.

Although, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are effective in killing the flu viruses on your hands, it will not kill the viruses that are air-borne.

So, don’t assume that if you are actively using a hand sanitizer that it will protect you ultimately from the flu virus.  It will only lessen the risk from the hand to mouth contaminations.

Hand sanitizers should have at least 60% alcohol-content to fight off harmful bacteria and viruses. It is wise to look for hand sanitizers that went through scientific testing. Puregel and Bactigel are FDA-approved hand sanitizers, which means that both hand sanitizers were tested by the Food and Drug Administration and PASSED the agency’s quality testing.

Make sure you get REAL alcohol-based hand sanitizers and not cheap, fake ones that are only scented, but don’t have any alcohol on it, or have less alcohol content.

Bactigel and Puregel have 68% alcohol content – the HIGHEST among locally-produced hand sanitizers in the country. Bactigel and Puregel hand sanitizers can kill 99% of disease-causing bacteria and germs on your hands.

Hand Sanitizer

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