What is Puregel Hand Sanitizer?

Puregel by Kohl Hand Sanitizers

Puregel is the most stylish way of sanitizing your hands. Each Puregel hand sanitizer has 68 percent ethyl alcohol – enough to protect you from bacteria without harming your skin.

Puregel is formulated to kill 99 percent of the most common bacteria that your hands can get throughout your daily activities.

Puregel comes with patented rubber holders designed with different colors that can fit your everyday lifestyle.

You can hang your chosen Puregel hand sanitizer into your bag for an anytime, anywhere for convenient and immediate disinfection of your hands.

Puregel hand sanitizers are available at Mercury Drugstore, SM, National Bookstore, Rustan’s, Shopwise and Robinsons.

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  1. Shafira Hoo04-22-12

    fancy puregel hand sanitizers, where’s i can found in Jakarta ?

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