What Keeps ‘em Hanging

Hand Sanitizer with Rubber Holders on Bags

If you’re seeing a lot of people with colorful rubber holders wrapped onto their bags, then you must have seen Puregel or Bactigel. It is their way of flaunting their cleanliness with STYLE.

Those colorful rubber holders are patented technology of Kohl Industries Corporation to be used ONLY, along with Kohl products, like Bactigel and Puregel.

Kohl uses single color or color combinations to design the rubber holders to suit any style or preference you have.

Kohl has the exclusive right to manufacture and distribute any bottle holder for bag – may it contain hand sanitizers, lotions, colognes etc.

That’s why more and more people keep one Puregel or Bactigel – the legit brands for hand sanitizers with rubber holder – hanging onto their bags.

So, why don’t you “hang” with us?

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